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About VIVO Carbon

Revitalizing CO2

All living organisms are based on carbon. We believe CO2's true destiny is to be a vital element in the circle of life, not the reason for climate breakdown.

VIVO Carbon's mission is to balance the level of atmospheric CO2 and harnessing its surplus with trees. We are regenerating productive ecosystems, along with production of climate friendly raw materials and replacment of fossil fuels.

We consider fast growing trees in agriculture as a most effective instrument to capture CO2 at scale.

Agroforestry systems are creating synergies between tree-alleys and food crops or farm-animals. Normaly 5% to 60% of the total area in an agroforestry system is coverd by trees.  The positive interactions result in higher overall land productivity, and no land conflict with food production, despite the many climate and environmental benefits.

Agroforestry practices are readily available and provide large amounts of universal feedstocks which are essential for a flourishing bio-economy and basic needs of human civilization. CO2 shall not only be included and stored in revitalized, productive ecosystems, but later be locked away in buildings and products.

To make this happen, and scale agroforestry as a substantial method, VIVO Carbon needs partners and supporters.

Given the fact, that interest in voluntary climate-certificates and CO2-compensation is growing, we  think that CO2 credits are the best available benchmark to define effective projects.

Due to undesirable political framework conditions, agroforestry is normally not considered to be a business-case for individual farmers yet. Also, farmers are hesitant to plant trees, due to uncertainties and lack of tree-related expertise. VIVO Carbon is bridging this gap by realizing the projects in cooperation and offering farmers a fair compensation for the provision of suitable land, and participation on wood returns.

​Full responsibilities regarding the success of respective tree plantings will be on behalf of VIVO Carbon and its expert partners. The farmers remain exempt of financial risks but are invited to get operationally involved and learn on the job. VIVO Carbon always strives to create conditions for farmers, which result in successful agroforestry projects from all perspectives, also financially. Only then we get the ball rolling and motivate enough farmers engaging themselves in agroforestry without further support.

Our biggest triumph will be, if agroforestry is striving without our and your further support. Therefore we are keen to demonstrate, that productivity and profits are not necessarily in conflict with climate and ecological benefits.

Being a purpose owned business, VIVO Carbon will reinvest all profits into new climate projects. This is what we consider as a "perpetual impact".

If our first mission is achieved, and agroforestry is considered a standard best-practice method in German agriculture, VIVO Carbon may target other countries or other natural systems to revitalize CO2, which have high impact and scalability. Paludi-cultures and regeneration of wet-lands or methods to increase and preserve soil organic carbon are possible. Also, the optimization of climate impact, through the wood product use, might get into our focus.

Right now our pure ambition is to plant and foster as many trees as possible, on farmland, where trees are presently not cultivated. As we all together need to capture substantial amounts of CO2, in the short period remaining to prevent catastrophic climate collapse.

Agroforestry might be the most undervalued instrument to counteract global heating and creating many positive side effects.

Agroforestry is:  

  • Readily available CO2-capturing

  • Rapidly scalable using fast growing pioneer-tree species

  • No conflict but synergies with food production

  • Improvement of productivity

  • Helping to regenerate soil & ecosystems

  • Improving biodiversity

  • Improving the local microclimate

  • Enhancing welfare of farm animals & wild animals

  • Broadening the income streams of farmers

  • Providing large volumes of regenerative raw materials for human needs

  • Safely locking away CO2 in healthy ecosystems and durable products


Until 2040 agroforestry has the potential to easily compensate more than 25% of the remaining CO2 emissions in Germany. Which are then scheduled to amount to 150 million tons annually. Only counting CO2 captured through wood growth, not the additional CO2 benefits arising from e.g., substitution of CO2-intensive products like concrete.

To get there, only 10% of German farmland (1,8 million hectares) need to be covered with fast-growing trees - creating synergies with nature, climate, and food production.

This journey starts now!

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T: +49 40 180 86 953
M: +49 178 144 77 74

Tietzestraße 29
22587 Hamburg

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Support VIVO Carbon to kick-start perpetual climate benefits, by aligning productivity with planetary regeneration.

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