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1 - Different Agroforstry Projects

A basket of agroforestry projects in Germany


Different Agroforestry Projekts, like:

  • Trees on chicken free-range areas

  • Alley cropping systems

  • Multifunctional agroforestry

Climate & Environmental Benefits

  • CO2 fixation in trees and root-system

  • Humus composition with additional C-storage in the soil

  • Biodiversity

  • Improvement of micro-climate

  • Erosion-control & ground-water protection

  • Animal welfare

Impact investment

  • Price of CO2-credit: 30€/t CO2

  • Minimum participation: €500

  • For each CO2-credit, 7-10 trees are planted

  • Closing date: open

Investor Package

  • Certificate regarding calculated CO2-credits

  • Independt CO2-impact verification certificate about climate benefits

  • Invitation to planting activities with time and location

  • Continuous progress information through dedicated VIVOCarbon projects website

  • Annual report about progress of respective agroforestry projects with photos & videos

Why choosing this project?

By selecting this category, you are contributing to a range of different agroforestry projects. Giving us the flexibilty where to invest your CO2-credit payment, we can raise efficiencies and therefor offer the CO2-credits at a relatively low price.

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