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3 - Hof Schierholz / Eydelstedt

Agroforestry Alley-cropping System

20 ha alley-cropping / silvoarable agroforestry system

  • 5.200 poplar trees

  • Planting 2021/22 (majority of the project will be planted in 2022)

Climate & Environmental Benefits

  • 1.010 t CO2 fixation in tree growth over 15 years expected

  • Humus enhancement with additional C-storage in the soil

  • Improvement of biodiversity

  • Improvement of micro-climate

  • Erosion-control & ground-water protection

Impact investment

  • Price of CO2-credit: 30€/t CO2

  • Minimum participation: €500

  • For each CO2-credit, 5 trees are planted

  • Closing date: open

Investor Package

  • CO2-credits certificate

  • Independt CO2-impact verification certificate about climate benefits

  • Invitation to planting activities with time and location

  • Continuous progress information through dedicated VIVOCarbon projects website

  • Annual report about progress of respective agroforestry projects with photos & videos

Why supporting this project?

By selecting this project, you are supporting Hof Schierholz to convert and maintain about 20ha of crop land into a multi-functional agroforestry-systems. Besides efficient CO2 capturing specifically erosion control and improvement of micro-climate is in the focus.

Hof Schierholz is exeptionally engaged to test and promote different types of regenerative agricultural practices. In 2020 and 2021 Hof Schierholz has already planted fast growing poplar trees on the chicken free-range areas.

Through its social media channels Hof Schierholz is one of the leading German "influencers" for regenerative agriculture and an ideal partner to spread the word about beneficial effects of agroforestry.

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