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Impact Investment

Support VIVO Carbon

The goal of VIVO Carbon is to create a rapidly scalable system utilizing agroforestry as an efficient tool to capture CO2 while regenerating eco-systems.

In December 2023 VIVO Carbon was founded as a registered charity venture.
Currently we are looking for partners and supporters to build and finance the necessary structures such as an expert team and a professional certification standard (DIN-spec).
At the same time, CO2 credits can already be obtained from the first agroforestry projects in order to finance corresponding pilot projects.

The following steps are on our schedule:

  • Strengthening of the team

  • Finalization of legally secure contract structures for cooperation with farmers

  • Preliminary standard for validation of climate benefits of agroforestry systems

  • Establishment of a VIVO Carbon expert advisory board

  • Broadening of the practical network for the realization and management of agroforestry system

  • Development of a official German MRV-certification standard for agroforestry systems (DIN spec) with an extended consortium

  • Improvement of CO2 certificates marketing structure

To achieve these goals, a one-time budget of approximately 700,000€ is required, of which about 50% is already secured. The ongoing operation of VIVO Carbon will be financed in the future by a part of the CO2 certificate sales revenues (about 20% of the certificate price).

If you can support VIVO Carbon as a "Genesis Supporter", we are pleased to hear from you: / +49 178 1447774.


We focus on the critical success factors for rapid and effective implementation of agroforestry systems:

  • low entry barriers for farmers

  • high climate and environmental impact

  • Creating examples, references and demonstating the benefits of agroforestry systems

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