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Impact Investment

Support the establishment of VIVOCarbon

The goal of VIVOCarbon is to create a rapidly scalable system for the successful realization of agroforestry systems.
Currently we are looking for partners and supporters to build and finance the necessary structures.
At the same time, CO2 certificates can already be obtained from the first agroforestry projects in order to finance corresponding pilot projects.

The following steps are imminent:

  • VIVOCarbon as a purpose company

  • Building and strengthening of the team

  • Methods of external validation of climate benefits of individual VIVOCarbon projects

  • Establishment of a VIVOCarbon expert advisory board

  • Broadening of the practical network for the realization and management of agroforestry systems

  • Creation of legally secure contract structures for cooperation with farmers

  • Improvement of CO2 certificates marketing

To achieve these goals, a one-time budget of approximately 500,000€ is required. The ongoing operation of VIVOCarbon will be financed in the future by a part of the CO2 certificate sales revenues (probably about 20% of the certificate price).

If you can support VIVOCarbon as a "Genesis Supporter", we would be pleased to hear from you: / +49 178 1447774.


We focus on the critical success factors for rapid and effective implementation of agroforestry systems:

  • low entry barriers for farmers

  • high climate and environmental impact

  • Creating examples, references and demonstating the benefits of agroforestry systems

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Contact us
T: +49 40 180 86 953
M: +49 178 144 77 74

Tietzestraße 29
22587 Hamburg

Make an impact

Invest in VIVOCarbon to make it happen and kick-start perpetual climate benefits, by aligning productivity with planetary regeneration.

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