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VIVO Carbon projects

Planting trees together

Through your investment in CO2-credits:

  • farmers are compensated for providing suitable land,

  • trees are planted, managed for 15-20 years and

  • education regarding the regeneration of productive eco-systems is facilitated.

VIVO Carbon guarantees, that wood products from the agroforestry systems will be utilzed in a way to maximise climate benefits. Specifically use-cases, which imply long term CO2-storage and substituion of CO2-intensive resources are targeted.  Any profits made through the sale of wood are re-invested in new projects to capture and store additional CO2. After the agreed contractual time span of 15-20 years, the usage rights of the agroforestry systems are transfered to the respective farmers.

Choose a project to start capturing CO2

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T: +49 40 180 86 953
M: +49 178 144 77 74

Tietzestraße 29
22587 Hamburg

Make an impact

Support VIVOCarbon to kick-start perpetual climate benefits, by aligning productivity with planetary regeneration.

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